Ken Evans Racing

Why choose steel?

Steel is an iron/carbon alloy that, with the addition of several elements such as chrome, nickel, manganese, molybdenum, vanadium, etc, develops specific characteristics such as tenacity, fatigue resistance, workability and insensitivity to overheating.

Steel ensures high performance at really low weights. The new alloys, particularly Thermacrom give a weight close to that of the aluminum alloys, together with a perfectly balancable elastic response that is appreciated in particular on long traits. Unlike aluminum, steel is substantially stable over time, not requiring onerous maintenance cycles. If properly rust-treated, under normal conditions of use, it has almost unlimited fatigue resistance. It allows frames to be built with excellent performances, rigid yet comfortable, suitable for any type of use.

Steel is the material that was first used in the construction of top-of-the-range frames because of its superior mechanical characteristics, most notably its superior fatigue resistance and a breaking load second only to that of advanced composite materials. Columbus research has always worked towards the customization and development of materials with characteristics intended for cycling use. The results are of international importance. Columbus's history is the creation of steels with patented formulations such as the new SL 2009 tube set (Pictured)

Steel triple butted tubes for competition frames.